Club membership is open to those wishing to participate more actively in Club events and activities.

All Club events and activities are possible only through the volunteer efforts of our members. All members are asked to participate, whether that is by serving on the Board of Directors, as a Committee Chair, as a volunteer at our trials, or other tasks that it takes to run the Club.

To be considered for membership, you need to

– Complete at least two training sessions presented by the Club by attending at least 6 classes of each session. At least one of these sessions must be an obedience training session. These training sessions can be at any of the MBDTC locations.

– Attend two general Club meetings, or one general meeting and one other approved club activity other than a Board meeting.

After meeting the criteria for membership consideration, your name is presented to Club members for review and voting. Voting occurs during the Club's general meetings and requires that 3/4 of the members present vote for approval. After voting by members, the Membership Director notifies you of your membership invitation outcome.

Should you have questions, any Officer or Director is happy to answer questions about the Club, our many activities, and the membership process. You may also contact us at



Morris Animal Foundation Walk


Santa Cruz Country Fair Parade


Sunshine Villa Senior Living Center Annual Demo