I have been a trainer with MBDTC since 1996, having taught classes from puppy to utility to rally. It is very rewarding to watch dog and handler progress as a team. I started showing in the early 80's with German Shepherds; later with Schipperkes.  Among the accomplishments are two Breed Champions, one Obedience Trial Champion (Misty), sixty eight Obedience and seventeen Rally titles. In March of this year Carol and Misty, her 12 year old Schipperke, won the First Place Blue Ribbon in the AKC Rally National Championship. They finished with a score of 399 out of 400 and a time of 413.5 seconds. The past 3 years they have finished second at the Nationals.





I've been teaching group classes and privates for over 30 years. I have taught at 4 of the Bay Area's dog training clubs in that time. Currently I'm teaching at 2 of them. I have put obedience titles on Doberman Pinchers, Miniature Pinchers, and Golden Retrievers. I absolutely love training dogs and teaching people how to train their dogs. I am continually learning. Training is never boring. Dogs are amazing and give us so much. Truly, they are gifts from God.






I entered the world of dog obedience in 1964 with a Miniature Schnauzer and have trained obedience classes professionally and continuously since the late 60s. Over the years I have completed 29 obedience titles, 18 agility titles, 6 Hunt titles, 3 Versatile Companion Dog titles, 1 Tracking Champion, 1 Rally title and multiple Bench Champions. My training curriculum is suitable for both home and competition. I attend seminars pertinent to the Dog Fancy and either I am a current or past member of local, state, and national organizations and have been and continue to be chairperson or secretary of tracking, agility, obedience, and rally trials





I've trained dogs for over 28 years. In addition being a long time trainer for MBDTC, I have been a trainer for Santa Clara Dog Training Club and presently a trainer for another dog training club in the South Bay. I show in competitive dog obedience. My first obedience dog achieved the OTCH title (Obedience Trial Champion) and was the eighth cocker spaniel to achieve that title. Since then, I have put three more OTCH titles on my kids (dogs). My proudest moment recently is with my Golden Retriever "Doozie" who has truly lived up to that name. We were 1st runner up at the 2017 AKC National Obedience Competition. When it all comes together it is a good feeling. To see people coming into class and, let's say their dog is not Lassie, after 8 weeks of training they see an improvement and are enjoying their friend more than ever.