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Better Relationships

between people and dogs

Bonding Opportunities

by participating in events

Providing Obedience Training

for a happy home

Funding Research

for K9 Projects

Why Choose us

Our trainers are highly certified and professional. They continue their education so they always know the best, gentlest, and fastest ways to help your dog gain amazing results.

Beginning with our puppy class, socialization is an important aspect of our training. The Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test is offered to "proof" your dog's socialization among dogs and people.

Year round classes of various levels of competency provide the opportunity to enter obedience and rally competitions or to simply continue adding new skills and talents for you and your canine.

If you are interested in showing your dog in the conformation ring, we offer small classes.

For over fifty years the club has been a member of the American Kennel Club. We host annual trials in agility, obedience and rally, tracking, and scent work.

Bimonthly member meetings feature speakers and topics of interest to dog owners and opportunities to network.

Gifts from the         Heart

Through fund raising activities and club funds, an annual donation is given to a local veterinary hospital to assist covering the cost of a medical procedure for a dog and handler unable to afford the entire cost. Sunshine is our 2023 recipient.

Morris Animal         Walk

The club holds an annual community walk to raise funds for the Morris Animal Foundation. The Morris Animal Foundation is a nonprofit organization that invests in science to advance animal health.

UC Davis         Scholarship

The club provides a scholarship of $1000 annually to a local student enrolled in the veterinary school at the Univ. of California at Davis. This year's recipient is Mikayla Aguilar. Her goal is to give back to the low income areas where she lived in Monterey County. More info via our FB link at the bottom of this page.


Our Summer Workshop now replaces our December Workshop

Detective & Masters Interior, Socksmith, Santa Cruz.